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New Writing Course to Satisfy Writing Requirements

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New Writing Course to Satisfy Writing Requirements
by Kathy Hartman - Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 9:15 AM

A new 3 credit writing course is being developed for students who have a writing requirement in either your degree program or certificate.  All students who are interested in writing a major paper are also invited to take the class.  We are planning to offer it this coming summer; registration opens in the spring.

Note that the programs with a writing requirement also offer the option of an externship.  If you choose the extenship, you do not take this class.

WRI 7301  Course description:

 This seminar is designed to provide students with the opportunity to write a significant article or policy paper.  Students conduct substantial and sophisticated research on a topic of their choosing.  They receive extensive feedback on drafts of their paper throughout the course.  Students also receive instruction on improving their writing through weekly, interactive exercises.  By the end of this course, participating students will have produced a law-review worthy article or white paper.  The course ends with students presenting their papers to their classmates. The Advanced Writing Seminar is designed to be a capstone course for students pursuing a Certificate or meeting their degree Project/Writing requirement.

 This course satisfies:

 The Project/Writing degree requirement for the MARJ, MERL, LLM in Energy Law, MFALP and the LLM in Food and Agriculture law degrees.

The Project/Writing requirement for Certificates in Dispute Resolution, Climate Law, Energy Law, Land Use Law, Water Resources Law, Criminal Law, Business Law and Food and Agriculture Law.

 Advanced Writing Requirement (AWR).